Our Services

01 Advanced Research

Supporting Early-Stage Technology Development

Identifying the right path for early-stage technology development is challenging. We support clients with market research, new technology research, and funded R&D projects on mid-TRL technologies. Our team has supported companies in mining and energy sectors with conceptual design and model development for all-electric vehicle mining system operations; materials and manufacturing assessments for renewable energy device structures; hybrid diesel-electric powertrain design projects; and investigating the transition of an internal combustion fleet to a fully electric one.

02 Commercialization

Bringing High-TRL Products to Market

We support OEMs and OTMs in finding product market fit and developing high-TRL products.​ Our lifecycle-centric approach to commercialization helps our customers assess the long-term impacts of design choices, ensuring successful implementation of technology. Zero Nexus supports engineering and product teams through system architecture development, NPD, verification, and product release.

03 Risk & Regulatory Navigation

Driving Safe Innovation

The landscape of risk and regulatory requirements presents unique challenges in the new energy technology context. We recognize that project management, supply chain dynamics, and technological innovations carry distinct risks. We support end-users in addressing these risks and navigating complex regulatory landscapes. Our team collaborates closely with industry leaders and regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance and fostering a regulatory landscape that encourages safe innovation. This approach empowers our clients to implement new technologies confidently and efficiently, balancing risk management with the drive for progress in their industry.

04 Education & Awareness

Building Knowledge Through Curated Training

We develop training materials to support the roll-out of electrification technologies, including lithium-ion batteries and battery-electric vehicles. We also provide industry-specific training that addresses the challenges of integrating battery systems into existing and new products. Our services are tailored to specific process stages and stakeholders along your product life cycle, including engineering, testing, manufacturing, and sales. By participating in our programs, clients not only gain essential knowledge but also enhance their ability to innovate and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving energy sector. We continuously incorporate client feedback and the latest research findings to ensure our materials remain relevant, effective, and aligned with the evolving demands of the industry.


Our Past Projects

We support our clients with advanced research, commercialization, risk navigation, and training development, empowering them throughout their electrification and decarbonization journey. 

Electrify Everything.
01 Advanced Research

Electrification Ecosystem Study

Assessment of electrification solutions across the mining value chain and offering strategic guidance.

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01 Advanced Research

First Electrification Study

Assessment of technological readiness of electric vehicles for mine operating conditions and duty cycles.

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01 Advanced Research

Digital Ecosystem Study

Assessment of digital solutions across the mining value chain and provision of strategic digitalization guidance.

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01 Advanced Research

Independent Technology Analysis

Independent review of Vale Powershift roadmap for open pit mining operations.

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01 Advanced Research
Australian Turntables

Turntable In-Cycle Charging

Development of a novel charging mechanism used to increase in-cycle charging times.

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02 Commercialization

Battery Integration

Project management and technology guidance for the electrification of underground mining equipment.

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02 Commercialization

Full Powertrain Development

Battery-electric powertrain development and technology guidance for underground mining equipment.

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02 Commercialization
Ampyx Power

Airborne Wind Energy POC

Project management and optimization of the manufacturing process for Airborne Wind Energy Proof of Concept.

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02 Commercialization

Hybrid Powertrain Development

Battery selection, implementation, risk reduction, and commissioning.

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03 Risk & Regulatory Navigation
Nouveau Monde Graphite

"All-Electric" Mine of The Future

Development of the tools, teams, and proofs of concept to adopt electrification for the first all-electric mine.

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03 Risk & Regulatory Navigation

Transitioning to BEV Underground

Navigation of ventilation regulations for New Afton's transition to BEVs.

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04 Education & Awareness

Battery COE

Development of a robust training curriculum to ensure safe and efficient adoption of BEVs in mining.

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