February 29, 2024

BEV Workforce Training: “It’s essential to recognize the mining industry’s existing efforts and build upon them”

Reference article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/bev-battery-electric-vehicles-mining-training-certification-1.7127493

By David Francis Lyon

In a recent CBC interview discussing the transition of mining fleets from diesel to electric vehicles (EVs), I pointed out the critical need for enhanced workforce training. As the founder of a company deeply invested in this shift, I had the opportunity to share insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. However, there was a crucial aspect missing from the article that I’d like to highlight here.

One key point that wasn’t fully explored is the industry’s continued collaborative effort to develop guidelines for adopting electric vehicle technology. Through the Global Mining Guidelines Group, the industry has already come together to create theoretical frameworks aimed at supporting in the transition process. These guidelines offer valuable insights into the aspects of adopting EVs in mining operations.

What we are advocating for now, however, goes beyond theoretical knowledge. As mines begin to operate full fleets of electric equipment, there’s a pressing need for practical training based on real-world experiences. This is where the industry has an opportunity to leverage the lessons learned from operating electric fleets and cross-examine them with existing guidelines.

Our aim is to drive accessibility to information, ensuring a seamless bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application. By harmonizing the insights gleaned from operating electric fleets with established guidelines, we strive to develop comprehensive resources. These resources will empower workers with the requisite skills and knowledge to effectively address the complexities of electric vehicle technology in mining operations.

To achieve this goal, we are championing initiatives such as educational and awareness programs aimed at expediting the adoption of electric vehicles in mining. By disseminating practical insights and best practices, we can empower miners to confidently and efficiently embrace this transformative technology.

In conclusion, while the article rightly emphasizes the importance of workforce training in the transition to electric vehicles, it’s essential to recognize the industry’s existing efforts and build upon them. By combining theoretical guidelines with practical insights, we can pave the way for a smoother and more successful transition to electric vehicles in mining. Let’s work together to drive innovation and sustainability in the mining sector.