Pursuit of Zero Impact

Delivering safety, sustainability, and innovation, we drive the Mining industry towards Zero Impact goals, ensuring accountability and value through open innovation.

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Tackling Implementation
Beyond The Technical Hurdles

We provide full-service technology implementation, guiding you from initial technology trials to KPI assurance. Our end-to-end services ensure seamless integration, operational efficiency, and measurable success at every stage of the adoption process.

Firsthand experiences, challenges, and innovative strategies to streamline BEV integration underground.


Working Towards Shared Objectives

The Zero Nexus Initiative

Zero Nexus is promoting accountability in the mining sector through collective insights and innovation. The nexus supports mining companies, OEMs, and technology start-ups, with industry steering our innovation activities. The outcomes of these activities are shared through whitepapers, educational initiatives, awareness campaigns, and other tools aimed at accelerating decarbonization efforts.

Our approach not only involves the adoption of electric solutions but also focuses on leveraging advanced digital technologies. This integration results in enhanced real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimized resource management. By doing so, synergy between electrification and the digital mine concept is fostered, leading to mining operations that are not just environmentally sustainable but also operationally efficient and technologically advanced.

Our commitment to these principles of electrification, decarbonization, and digital mine innovation positions The Zero Nexus as a leading voice in the mining industry, guiding our collaborators toward a more sustainable, efficient, and future-ready mining industry.

Vision for Our Decarbonization Efforts

Diffuse Impacts

  • Biggest potential impacts across the sector, but we're a small actor.
  • Facilitating conversations between industry players and conducting research.

Targeted Impacts

  • Medium impacts on emissions at the level of a single product line or mining operation.
  • Supporting product development and BEV technology adoption.

Specific Impacts

  • Smallest scope for impacts, but they are the most direct and measurable.
  • Supporting trials and in-person training.

Coming Soon

Collaborating with CIM for On-Demand Training Delivery

We are excited about our strategic partnership with the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). Together, we are dedicated to the creation of high-quality on-demand training programs. Our shared mission is to enhance the collective knowledge surrounding battery electric mining vehicles, contributing to Canada's leadership in the seamless integration and advancement of this groundbreaking technology.

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Testimonials from our short course:
Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption Strategies

"It's a comprehensive course, I learned a lot."
— Project Manager
"The instructors are subject matter experts. 10 out of 10"
— VP Production

How is this training program different from other battery technology courses?

Our program uniquely combines theoretical foundations with practical insights gained from frequent visits to diverse mining operations. This approach ensures relevance and applicability to real-world mining challenges.

Who is setting industry priorities for content development?

We collaborate closely with industry experts, stakeholders, and representatives from mining organizations. This committee guides the identification and prioritization of key content areas, aligning with industry needs, technological advancements, and sustainability goals.

What is the role of early adopter sites in curriculum development?

Firsthand experiences and real-world perspectives shape our curriculum by capturing the intricacies of battery technology integration in mining. Our target is to have these sites contribute to the development of case studies, practical examples, and interactive workshops, ensuring a holistic and industry-specific approach.

How is participant feedback incorporated into the program?

We establish a continuous feedback loop with mining professionals and participants throughout the curriculum and content development process. This agile approach allows for ongoing refinement, ensuring that the program remains dynamic and responsive to emerging technologies and industry trends.

Electrify Everything.

At Zero Nexus, we specialize in spearheading the electrification and decarbonization of challenging industries. As a team dedicated to building and supporting the Zero Nexus initiative, we excel not only in our technical expertise but also in our ability to unite diverse stakeholders to tackle meaningful challenges. Our specialized skill set includes proficiency in materials, powertrains, and comprehensive energy system design.

We actively lead significant industrial electrification projects, leveraging the trust and collaboration of our esteemed partners and clients. With a keen focus on digital mine technologies and sustainable solutions, we serve as invaluable allies in advancing electrification and decarbonization efforts within the electric mine sector.